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Migrating your blog from Blogger

If you have a blog on Blogger we are able to migrate your content for a small fee (free for a limited time).
First step is to make us an admin on your blog by following this guide:
Control access to your blog
Once we've accepted your invitation you will need to upgrade us from an author to an admin before we can begin.
Once we are an administrator please open a support ticket requesting a migration. Include the following information:
  • URL of your Blogger blog
  • URL you'd like to migrate to (this is especially important if you have more than one service with us)
We will then proceed to move your content.
Once the migration is complete (usually within 24 hours), we'll notify you and you'll be able to remove us from your blog .
If you've been using Blogger with your own domain name, you'll be able to configure your blog on Self Hosted using a temporary domain. Please inform us once you're ready to move at which point we'll set your blog to use your domain and you can change your nameservers to point to our platform. You can then set your blog to private on Blogger.
If you've been using Blogger with a subdomain ( then you'll be able to work on your blog using your new domain and then once you're ready to move we'll update your blogger template to redirect your old posts to your new domain. We recommend you take a backup of your template before hand and will instruct you to do so.
What the migration involves:
  • Import content from old blog
  • Basic template setup including import of sidebars and assignment of menus
  • Basic settings including matching permalinks
  • Installation of recommended plugins
  • Redirection of your blogger content to your new site (if you were already using a custom domain on blogger this would not be required)
What it doesn't involve:
  • Design
Things to note:
  • Many Wordpress templates use featured images and although the Blogger to WordPress importer attempts to assign posts featured images not all posts and so it may appear as though you're missing images in some posts
  • Also, WordPress doesn't import all images from blogger depending on how they were inserted into your posts so there may be instances whereby you need to reupload some images (ie to set them as featured images)
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